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Check out our Market with Take n' Bake meals, Fine Wines, Local Produce and Pasture Raised Meats, NC Seafood, Desserts, and More!

Welcome to Under the Oak!

Now open for lunch!! Monthly ticketed dinners!!

In-store and online specialty market providing take n' bake prepared meals, NC seafood, pasture raised meats and poultry, fine wines, and local produce.
And don't forget some of the best desserts in area!
Here at Under the Oak, we are a small, husband (chef) and wife (pastry chef) owned operation. We take great pride in our scratch cooking and local sourcing. 90% of our ingredients come from the great state of NC, as well as produce from our own farm in Clayton.

We are a whole hog operation and get weekly deliveries of pasture raised, non GMO fed hogs from Masterblend Family Farms out of Kenansville, NC.

Our beef is sourced from Firsthand Foods, a co-op in Durham working with 7 NC cattle farmers, and delivering the highest quality, 100% grass-fed beef around!

Most of our poultry comes from Joyce Farms, also a co-op working with cage free, humanly raised chicken and turkey farms throughout NC. We also get pasture raised, non GMO fed whole chickens from Our Local Farm, a small family owned operation in Smithfield of Swift Creek Road.

We use 2 seafood proveyors, Locals Seafood and Salty Catch Seafood Company, both selling only the freshest NC and VA seafood you can find!

We have several small sustainable farms we work with for our fresh, seasonal produce, but also offer a variety of everyday, conventional items.

We are firm believers in doing our part to fix our industrial food system and want to offer you the most nutritious and highest quality ingredients you can find in Johnston County.

When you support Under the Oak, your money not only supports our small family business, but it stays in the local economy and a way from the big corporations.